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Mississippi State University

The MSU Chapter of the Regenerative Agriculture Collegiate Program™️ champions regenerative practices, rooted in the 6-3-4™️ of Soil Health, to foster a thriving agricultural community at Mississippi State University.

Based at Mississippi State University, our chapter holds a pioneering role in the Regenerative Agriculture Collegiate Program™️, embodying the core principles of the 6-3-4™️ of Soil Health. Through dedicated research, hands-on fieldwork, and dynamic workshops, we aim to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world applications of regenerative agriculture. Our passionate members, ranging from budding agronomists to sustainability enthusiasts, come together to share knowledge, drive innovations, and influence the future of farming. Together, we strive to create a sustainable legacy at MSU, ensuring that every harvest is a testament to nature's potential when nurtured responsibly.

Power in Numbers





January 31, 2023

Date Established

Project Gallery

Where to Find Us

310 Lloyd-Ricks-Watson

Mississippi State, MS 39769

Monthly Meetings 6pm

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