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Regen Ag Collegiate is a trailblazing program devoted to educating university students on the power of regenerative agriculture practices. Born at Mississippi State University, our curriculum centers on the 6-3-4™️ of Soil Health, immersing students in hands-on experiences that reveal the transformative potential of agriculture. We're not just advocating for sustainability; we champion the regeneration of our soils and ecosystems. By nurturing this knowledge, we aim to shape a new generation of agricultural professionals dedicated to healing and improving our land.


Our Initiatives

At Regen Ag Collegiate, we orchestrate a diverse array of initiatives to engrain students with the ethos of regenerative agriculture. Our offerings encompass:

  • Immersive field experiences where knowledge meets practice.

  • Workshops and seminars delving deep into regenerative agriculture techniques and principles.

  • Cohesive events fostering a community of students passionate about transforming agriculture from the ground up.

Through these initiatives, we envision cultivating a community of future agricultural professionals poised to champion not just sustainability but the active regeneration of our precious soils and ecosystems.

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