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"Roots So Deep: You Can See the Devil Down There" - A New Documentary Series Unveiling the Power of Regenerative Agriculture

A groundbreaking new documentary series, "Roots So Deep: You Can See the Devil Down There", has been released and is now available for streaming at Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Peter Byck, this four-part series explores how adaptive multi-paddock (AMP) grazing, an innovative approach to agriculture, could be a cornerstone in the battle against climate change.

"Roots So Deep" examines the potential of regenerative grazing practices to transform barren lands into thriving ecosystems, pull farmers out of debt, and draw down significant amounts of atmospheric carbon. The series brings to light the story of forward-thinking farmers and audacious scientists who are challenging long-held beliefs about cattle and their role in the ecological and climate crises.

The Series: A Confluence of Science and Storytelling

Director Peter Byck, along with a team of pioneering scientists often considered outcasts in their field, measures and compares the impacts of traditional grazing versus AMP grazing. The documentary vividly captures the trials and triumphs of farmers who have embraced this method, juxtaposed with those who adhere to generations-old practices.

Each episode is crafted to engage viewers by posing crucial questions: Can these regenerative methods be the key to regeneration? Will traditional farmers consider switching practices for the greater good of the environment and their own livelihoods?

Engage with the Movement

To deepen the conversation and spread awareness of regenerative agriculture, "Roots So Deep" encourages viewers to participate in discussions and share insights across social media platforms.

Follow @CarbonCowboys on all social platforms to stay updated on news, behind-the-scenes content, and more from the world of regenerative farming.

Why Watch?

Bill Weir of CNN praises the series: "This is, hands-down, the best agriculture filmmaking I’ve ever seen. The characters are likable and captivating, the graphics are stunning, and I learned a ton about ecology… but none of that would matter without Peter Byck’s soul and empathy as storyteller."

Join Us

"Roots So Deep: You Can See the Devil Down There" is more than just a documentary; it's a call to rethink our relationship with the land and each other. Whether you are a student, educator, farmer, or simply someone concerned about the future of our planet, this series offers valuable insights and a hopeful perspective on combating climate change through the soil beneath our feet.

Visit to stream the series and join the conversation about how regenerative agriculture can lead us to a regenerating future. Together, we can explore the common ground that regenerates us all.

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